Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dot Phase

I thought I would visit one theme for a week or two and give it all I had to explore my creative buzz. It only lasted a few days and I tripped over and fell into something else. But I'd like to share what I did.

This one began with a different idea in mind and just evolved on its own. I wasn't particularly keen on the finished result so it was off after an hour. 

This one was on purpose! I had to try out my newest find from SuperDrug. 2true Pro Metallica. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised at the formula, as past 2true polishes failed to meet my expectations. 

I had my first try at aborigine inspired dots. It's a style I'd like to try again, but next time using a smaller dotting tool. 

Since I first set eyes on holographic nail polish, I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately it's the wrong time of year in the wrong part of the world to show it off at its best. 

My final set of dots were done by first painting my base colour using the Rimmel polish, then sponging a gradient of more china glaze holographic polish over striping tape. The dots were then added after removing the tape, using the base colour. 

But my personal favourite set of dotty nails were my rainbow dots..... 

.... Probably my favourite set of nails in a long time! 

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