Monday, 10 February 2014

My First Indie Polishes - Dollish Polish & Wing Dust

My polish collection is made up with mostly with Rimmel and Barry M. I own a few other brands and I keep looking for more in my local shops. There's nothing new there I haven't already seen, or I really had to have so I felt it was time to try out my first Indie polish.

A few months ago, I didn't even know what and indie polish was. It has taken a little time for me to accept the different styles of polish out there, and a lot of these indie's are ultra unique. I found myself attracted to many that are made in the USA, but I didn't want to risk my money on a product that might not arrive, might incur charges, might get broken........ It's a long way away, and one of these babies are 2 or 3 times what I'd spend on one.

I found Rainbow Connection who distribute indie polishes from all over the world, so after some digging around, I decided to go there. There seemed to be a large choice, but every single polish that jumped off the screen, was out of stock! I must have gone through around 30 I would have had in a heartbeat....... But I did settle on 3 that caught my eye. I also managed to get free postage!

I chose two from Dollish Polish, Jelly Of The Month Club and Crystal Empire, and Wing Dust, I Ain't No Angel.

All three together entitled me to free UK postage, so that's always a bonus.

I have taken swatch photos,but obviously as with all digital photos, the colours will vary on different devices.


Dollish Polish - Jelly Of The Month Club

This is a lovely purple jelly, with dark purple glitter flecks, with a nice iridescent sheen to it. It was opaque in three coats, but would also look great as a topper over a nude or purple colour. My only complaint was the square bottle top, which after one use, doesn't align with the rest of the bottle, and it was a tad clumsy to use.

Wing Dust - I Ain't No Angel

A gorgeous deep blue glitter jelly polish. I adore this colour. There's a good helping of large circle, hexagonal and square glitter in gold, blue, turquoise and copper. It was opaque in two coats! The formula is quite thick so a bit of care is needed when applying, (I need a bit more practice), but on the flip side, the lovely glitters were suspended well, and very little fishing was required.

Dollish Polish - Crystal Empire

I saw this and fell in love. I didn't own anything like it. Crystal Empire is a clear glitter topper with circles, moon, stars and squares in a lovely variety of cute colours. The formula is quite thin compared to the Wing Dust polish, and most of the glitters settle to the bottom within a minute or two. It required a lot of shaking and fishing to get some pieces out! But it was worth it. I also had the same problem with the square top not aligning properly after first use. It does put me off buying Dollish Polish again but I look forward to trying out other indie brands. 

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