Sunday, 23 March 2014

Cancer Research MANi


I have asked my husband so many times, if I could paint his nails for practice, and the answer was always a flat NO. So I gave up asking a while ago. It really changed my Sunday morning, when he asked me how difficult it would be to paint the cancer research UK logo. Um....... what? I thought maybe I was still asleep.

With the latest "bare face selfie" craze, my husband wanted to show his support in his own way after donating to this worthy cause. Bare faced selfie's don't really work for most men, and the current trend seems to be "the sock photo", or plastering make up on. Well, the sock photo isn't in the best taste,to be showing the world, and he's already done the make up thing a few years ago, with dress, hair and heels. So I guess this was a fun and easy choice for him.

I can't wait to hear the feedback from the office tomorrow.



It was funny, when I was painting his nails, he was watching YouTube videos, but I hadn't realised initially, that he was watching wood working demonstrations! Gotta hold onto that masculinity!



So the ingredients are:

Barry M - White for the base

Barry M - Shocking Pink, Cyan Blue & Indigo

Rimmel - Grey Matters

A dotting tool and a striper brush.

Top Coat : H K Girl - Glisten & Glow










I'd like to thank my husband for asking me to do this for him. And please do support Cancer Research.


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