Thursday, 20 March 2014

Making Changes - A New URL For A Start

In the quest to make my blog a bit better, I've been doing a bit of reading courtesy of Will Paint Nails For Food. There were many valid points made, and in all honesty, it made my head spin.

My intentions with the blog were not to pursue the swatching, but to just share what I've been doing with my hobby. Most of what i do never makes it to the blog, for many reasons, and I started to think why?

Taking on the advice from the blogger's bootcamp, I wrote myself a list of things I could improve on, that would make me want to share what I've done. First on the list was cleaning up the look of the blog. I admit, my personal preference is to have some colour on the page, but top bloggers know what they are talking about when they say to keep it clean. Anyway, I'm sure my blog header has enough colour!

So I've neutralised the look. Do you think it's any better?

I've also changed the URL. The previous "" was a bit of a chore to type in, so in keeping with other online accounts,
Much easier I think. Unfortunately it means that previous shares will no longer be valid. But I want to get comfortable with it. I hope you understand.

This was just a quickie to let you know of the changes. I know I don't have many subscribers, but for those that do, I hope nothing changes for you and you enjoy the new look.

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