Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Practicing With Stripes

I've gone a little crazy recently with extra mani's in preparation for the 31 Day Challenge, which I'm due to start next week. It's nice to know I'm not going it alone, with a few of the G+ girls offering to get on board, I'm feeling confident about completing it, even though I'll be away for 4 days.

This mani was the best of three attempts for a challenge set in G+ Nail Polish Queens.

I'm not a fan of using striping tape, so I was determined to do it freehand, especially with the upcoming challenge. I even purchased some new brushes, after accidentally chopping of all the bristles trying to thin my striper. That's what happens when you get too excited and don't stop to take a breath.

This design was based on a tweed jacket I own. I use Revlon - Smokey Canvas, Barry M - Lychee, Rimmel - Camouflage Chic, Beige Babe and Celebrity Bash. The stamping plate was MoYou - Suki 07.


This was my second attempt, before receiving my new brushes, but after I ruined my old one. It was a much better attempt than my first, but the nail pen stripers I used were producing a too many bumps to cleanly overlap my lines.

This was based on highland dancing, something many of the girls in my family have learned.

The base colour was L'Oreal - Blue Reef and the black is BlackJack from Collection. The other colours were from 2 way nail art pens.




Two slightly different designs, but I count both as attempt 1. When the first one didn't work out with my old brush and polish, I removed those three nails and tried again using a polish base and acrylic paint for striping. The change from polish to acrylic really did help with line thickness, but I really needed a new brush!



It's hard to believe I went from that to this!

It isn't perfect, but it's definitely a huge improvement in a couple of tries. I'm just wondering now, how much better it could be if I had used acrylic paint again.


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