Friday, 21 March 2014

Picture Polish - Ultra Violence & Friends




Today I decided to try out my first Picture Polish goodies from Rainbow Connection. They are the most pricey on offer, so I'm trying to be careful with them.

This was the finished result after the base polish, some chevron nail vinyls (which you can barely notice in the pic), and some stamping.





So here is the glorious Ultra Violence. It is a stunning glittery purple could have worn on it's own, but that's not me, not today anyway.


I was expecting a bit more from this, considering the very high price, as it needed 3 coats. But it sure does look pretty.



After that dried I added my chevron nail vinyls to my ring finger and thumb, and dazzled them with Picture Polish, Altered State, along with a top coat of the same for my index finger. I think this topper would be better suited to a black base but you do see there is a subtle difference here.


My middle finger and pinkie got a top coat of Polish Me Silly, Mind Blowing. And really I could have stopped there. Obviously I didn't.




Out came the MoYou stamping plates. Happy times!

The ring and index fingers were stamped with the Sailor Collection 03 plate, using a mix of both silver and gold Barry M foil effect paint. I stretched the images on the stamper as these are really too small for my nails. I'm pleased with how they came out.

The rest of the fingers were stamped with Pro Collection 06 using Konad special polish, Black Pearl.

From this angle you can see the underlying chevrons reflect in the light.


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