Tuesday, 1 April 2014

31 Day Challenge : Day 1 : Red


I had trouble sleeping last night, thinking about what I was going to do for day 1. I had visions of red icons, like post boxes, phone boxes and the big red London buses, but I struggled to translate that to my nails.

I need to take a chill pill!

So I settled for a pitiful red colour block. The stripes are just awful, but I'm not in a hurry to redo it, so this is it.

In case you feel like trying to do it better than this, I've included some pics.


I applied my normal base coat, then one coat of Rimmel - Red Carpet. It dries fast, and helps when painting on transparent reds.






I got out my supplies :

Fearne - Heart Ache

Barry M - Blood Orange, Bright Red & Red Glitter

Also a small nail art brush, and foil for a pallet.








I didn't have a pattern in mind, as I really was uninspired, so I painted the colours in small sections across each nail, leaving a small gap between each.











Once finished with the reds, I used Barry M - Black to stripe in between each block of colour.

Once I was as happy as I could be, top coat was applied, and cleaned up the edges.










Be sure to check out what the rest of the girls are doing for DAY 1 - RED.












Highlights from my challenge buddies.


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