Tuesday, 22 April 2014

31 Day Challenge : Day 22 : Inspired By A Song

How do you choose just one song, out of the hundreds and thousands that spark up a memory or feeling, each time you hear it? Hard choice huh! As it's my Birthday, I chose the song that was number one, the day I was born.

I tested it out on my husband, to see if he could guess the song. He said "Spice Girls"! Just because of the Union Jack. Wrong!

Do you know what it is? Answers below ;-)

I used :

Ciate - LA Confidential

Rimmel - Riviera Red & Loafer Love For You

Acryclic paint, dotting tool & a nail art brush.

And just because I like a guessing game, here's another one based on a song. ;-)

Some of it is taken from the music video, and other parts from the lyrics. Hopefully the thumb is a big help for you.

I used :

Ciate - Boom Box & Palm Tree

Barry M - Black Multi Glitter

Picture Polish - Shocked, Altered State & Illusionist

Rimmel - White Hot Love

Acrylic paints, cosmetic sponge and a nail art brush.



I'm hoping some of you can guess at least one out of the two.... Please do check out what the rest of the group are doing for the challenge.


*UPDATE* The first one is Let's Dance by David Bowie, can you believe that is 31 years old now! And the second one is Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californiacation. I was hoping for some more guesses, but considering Magali guessed right almost right away, I'm happy that my effort wasn't totally wasted.



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