Monday, 21 April 2014

31 Day Challenge : Day 21 : Inspired By A Colour

If there is one colour that always gets me happy, it's this. Turquoise & teal has a magical essence to it, don't you think?

A while ago, one of my fave NPQ's - Magali, mentioned that my ipad cover would make a good pattern for a mani. So I gave it a go.






I found it difficult to focus on the pattern while painting my nails, so it is just an inspiration job. It was also a bit rushed, as I had mis copied the challenge list and I thought it was "inspired by colour"! I had missed out the "a". That ruined my plans!

I used Barry M - Guava for the base. Acrylic white and L'Oreal - Blue Reef.






This was the set of nails I had painted, before realising it was a single colour! I prefer the way these ones turned out, using the dry brushing technique again.


Please remember to have a look at everyone else's challenge nails.




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