Thursday, 10 April 2014

31 Day Challenge : Day 10 : Gradients

Well what can I say about gradients? They are one of my favourite looks out there. I was stumped to begin with, as I have done so many in the past, and obviously I wanted to "challenge" myself. So I went with this.

gradient-holo-hocus pocus- pink-blue-mdnailart

I have never done a diagonal gradient successfully, and I admit, it's a bit more tricky.

This is also the first time I've done it with a holographic top coat, and although it dulls the colours, that holo is worth it!

Unfortunately, no sun, again! But I managed to show it a bit with artificial light. This top coat is amazing in the sun!





Originally, I painted the gradient on all the fingers, alternating the way the diagonal went, all the way along. I decided to change this and use the gradient as accent nails. The full set of gradient was just too WOW!





You can see the blue and pink is quite vibrant on their own.

H&M - Life Aquatic

Girly Bits - Hocus Pocus

W7 - Fuchsia


The W7 polish was a pleasant surprise. I expected it to be really thick or too bright on the nails, but it was neither. I would even wear this on it's own.




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