Sunday, 20 April 2014

31 Day Challenge : Day 20 : Water Marbling

Ok, so water marbling still isn't a favourite of mine. But I do like how it looks, unlike half moons. I just wish I could do it a bit better. The mess really puts me off perfecting it, but this is probably one of my better attempts.

My original plan was to have my stamping decals as they are, and water marble some flames for the other nails, in yellow, orange, red and black, but the polishes just weren't working. So I went with Barry M - Black Multi Glitter and W7 - Fuchsia.

The decals looked out of place with a 3 - 2 combi, so I removed the marbling from the middle finger and replaced it with a plain background and dots. It's the best I could come up with whilst salvaging the work I had done.

The decals were made with MoYou - Roxy 01 and the following polishes.

Rimmel - Oh, Mr. Darcy & Red Obsession

Barry M - Silver Foil & Pomegranate

Revlon - Smoky Canvas

NYC - High Line Green

Now onto the difficult section of the challenge <grits teeth> time to get the pen and paper out!

Remember to have a look at what my challenge buddies are up to today.


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