Tuesday, 15 April 2014

31 Day Challenge : Day 15 : Delicate Print

Yes, I struggled with this one. I lost count on how many attempts I made, and I ended up resorting to stamps again. I think it's time I sat down and planned out some more for the rest of the month, before this ends up being a total fail. So here we go.

This is just Barry M glitter, ( Superdrug Special Edition - E 334) over a base coat and stamped with one of my more delicate looking stamps.

I am a fan of my delicate stamps, and there's not many in my collection I haven't used.

This one is from MoYou Pro Collection XL 14.

I used Konad white, which I managed to fix(ish), by leaving the top off the bottle for a while. It was quite runny and appeared to be separating, but it looks much better now.


I did take these pics with the flash on, I never do this nowadays, but the glitter asked me to. As you know, glitter is bad for photographing, and the delicate print didn't make it much easier.

But there we go, out of the way! Phew! I'm so glad to be back on track.

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