Thursday, 3 April 2014

31 Day Challenge : Day 3 : Yellow

I began writing up this blog post, and I haven't even started the nails yet. I'm just so freaking excited about them...... But they are yellow! I don't do yellow nails! YUK! But my idea might change my mind, if it turns out the way I've planned that is. Stuff it! I'm going to start early..... Fingers crossed! (Don't smudge your polish).

Ok, so it looked much better in my head. Still, it's not that bad, but the photo does seem to show up the nasties more than I'd like. Can't have it all.... It is yellow nail polish after all.

So, if you didn't guess, this is based on Kill Bill, the jump suit and Buck's truck. As an after thought, I added a blood splatter (my first one ever!) Let's face it, there is a LOT of blood in the movie.

This is the only reason I got a little excited about the yellow challenge. I've included some photos, but didn't manage to illistrate the blood spatter, or the pussy wagon.

So, I began with a base of NYC - Lexington yellow. I also applied top coat and let it dry before going any further.

Other polishes were :

RCH - Runway Red

Collection - BlackJack

Rimmel - White Hot Love

Barry M - Dragonfruit






I applied two tip guides to three of the nails, to attempt a straight black line.Do one nail at a time and remove the strips immediately after applying polish using tweezers.




On the ring finger, I painted on the flames in white and then filled in with red. I maybe should have stamped these on, but I'm trying to avoid my stamps at the moment.


After a few attempts, I managed to use a teeny, weeny brush to write on "Pussy Wagon" and also outlned that in white. I am finding it hard to be precise with such tiny designs, especially working with polish. I had to water down the white with a touch of acetone, that seemed to help.

My final addition was my blood spatter. I simply dipped a straw into red polish, got all my other fingers that I wanted to keep clean, out of the way, and blew the straw. I was surprised how much polish came out, and initially I thought it was too much. But this is Kill Bill.

I do realise that "inspired by a movie", is further on in the challenge, but this was never on my list of ideas.


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