Wednesday, 30 April 2014

31 Day Challenge : Day 30 : Inspired By A Tutorial

The moment I saw the Ethereal Dreamcatcher Nails, from Meghan at Will Paint Nails For Food, I fell in love. The rustic, earthy feel of the gradient background really tickles my happyness.

So here is my attempt, after weeks of drooling over Meghan's nails! My background turned out much darker than in the tutorial, but I didn't use any polishes which were the same. Because of the darkness, I decided to make my dreamcatchers lighter. Those dreamcatchers took two tries..... My first attempt I used polish, and I just couldn't get it, so I tried again with acrylic paint.

I began with a base of Revlon - Smoky Canvas, which was much darker than Meghan's base colour. I think in future I will try this with a lighter base.




The gradient was acheived using :

NYC - Lexington Yellow

Rimmel - Orgasm & Aqua Cool

Revlon - Midnight Affair

I used some dilluted Rimmel - Hot Black To Go, to do the border. I used some Seche Restore to dillute.

After painting my dreamcatchers, I topped with HK Girls - Glisten & Glow, then finished with Rimmel Matte Finish.

Please remember to check out what the other girls are doing today.

Last day tomorrow!!!


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